The River and the City

Contemporary Flows. Fluid Times

Water is ephemeral, but rivers flow a defined course. They form a global network of flows, as water springs up from the deep recesses of the planet, gushes down mountainsides emerging from melting glaciers, or runs off as rain.

This seeming permanence of continuous chartered flows in the forms of rivers is in fact a fragile notion. Rivers are undergoing constant change, continuously reacting to the world they occupy. For centuries, rivers have attracted humanity to congregate in clustered settlement around them. These urban spaces have been sites of contemporary culture, economic growth, environmental challenges and even conflict. Water is needed for drinking, for daily use, for energy, shipping and commerce, for recreation and for leisure. However rivers carry fresh water, which ebbs, flows, floods, creates marshlands, feeds lakes and ponds, and connects to a multitude of water systems both on the surface and as groundwater.

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